Tesla Radar

Tesla cars with enabled 'Phone Key' feature transmit a unique identifier, that can be detected using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. By installing this app, your device becomes aware of Tesla vehicles in its proximity. The gathered data is shared in order to generate a global crowd-sourced heatmap of detectable Tesla cars.

About Tesla Radar

Collect Data

Information on spotted cars is stored in a local database. You can go back in time and review and annotete all vehicles that you have spotted in the past.

Share your Data

By sharing your data on Teslas your app spotted, you help building a global Tesla heat map that visualizes geographic areas with high Tesla density.


In case you decide to share your data from the app, you can be assured, that none of your personal data is transmitted or collected by Tesla Radar.

Get Notified

Once the app is installed, it will run in the background and monitor your surroundings for detectable Tesla cars. Eventually, you get notified whenever a Tesla is in your radio proximity.

Enter the Competition

The TeslaRadar app features leaderboards, that rank the countries, regions by the number of unique detectable Tesla vehicles and observer devices by their level of activity.

Watch the Video

In order to understand the motivation behind Tesla Radar, watch the short presentation about Tesla Radar that was held at 36C3. Click here for the video on YouTube!


Become a part of the Tesla Radar Network

By installing the Tesla Radar app on your Android smartphone, you contribute to a global effort of spotting Tesla cars that submit unique identifiers.

This app intends to raise awareness for the privacy issue that is related to the way Tesla implemented the 'Phone Key' feature.

Battery Optimized

The app is designed with battery efficiency in mind. This way you can always run Tesla Radar as background process without worries.

Crowd-Sourced Data

By sharing data about spotted Tesla vehicles, you contrinute to generating a global heatmap that is shared with everyone.


With every Tesla vehicle you spot and share, you earn RadarScore™. This way, you compete with other members of the Tesla Radar community. Have a look on the rankings.

Free as in Beer

Tesla Radar is a free app. Since it requires some effort to keep the app functioning over time, the app is showing ads. Ad revenue is only generated if users click on these ads. Please keep this in mind!

Install Now

What are you waiting for? It has never been easier to support a good cause. Click here to install the app via the Google Play Store.

Support Us

Besides installing the app, you can support Tesla Radar by spreading the word about this app.You can also support us by the things listed on this page.




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Thomas Holsboer

Holsboer Concepts

I've always been extremely passionate about EV's. My nephew and I count Tesla's whenever travelling together. Tesla Radar is our new and favorite way to see the growing proliferation of the Model 3 in the country.


Carina Larsen

Carina's Teslatray

I've counted Teslas manually for many years on my commute. When I heard about Teslaradar I downloaded it straight away. I was the first one in Norway to use Teslaradar and was in 4th place after a few weeks. Fun to count all the Model 3s around Oslo without having to look for them. I wanted Norway to come higher in the country stats and invited other Tesla owners to use the app. Now lots of Norwegians are using Teslaradar and Norway is 2nd. I hope Model Y will be supported too.


Chaos the Cat


In the Press