This page displays data that has been acquired by the Tesla Radar community.

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These interactive charts display data of the last 30 days. There is a combined chart, that displays all data acquired within this timeframe. Additionally, there are country charts showing the data acquired within the five most active countries participating.

These datasets are available in the charts:

  • View Events: the number of view events on a given day
  • Unique Vehicles: the number of unique vehicles on a given day
  • First Views: the number of vehicles spotted for the very first time on a given day
  • Devices: the number of active spotting devices on a given day
  • Countries: the number of countries with spottings on a given day
  • Views/Vehicle (%): the ratio of vehicles to views on a given day
  • New Vehicles (%): the ratio of new vehicles to unique vehicles on a given day

By clicking on the legend, it is possible to toggle the display of the respective dataset in the chart.